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LAGOS, Nigeria (TheBlaze/AP) — The pastor would not renounce his Christian faith so the Islamic extremists slit his throat.

High school students were taking exams in defiance of the militants of Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden.” So the gunmen mowed them down at their desks.

The group that Nigeria’s government has declared a prohibited terrorist organization “declared war” last week on vigilante youths who have been arresting suspects and handing them over to soldiers fighting to crush the insurgency in the northeast part of Africa’s most populous nation and the continent’s biggest oil producer.

Clearly, the situation is dire.

The radical group that once attacked only government institutions and security forces is increasingly targeting civilians. Some 155,000 square kilometers (60,000 square miles) of Nigeria are now under a state of emergency.

“Today, there are no boundaries and they are targeting the civilian population in a way that shows Nigeria is at a dangerous turning point,” said Comfort Ero, Africa program director for the International Crisis Group.

A month-long military crackdown by a joint force of troops and police, including bombing raids with fighter jets and helicopter gunships, has broken up militant camps but succeeded only in chasing the fighters into scrubby mountains from which they launch attacks on cities and towns, under the noses of the soldiers.

The government has described the change in tactics as an “end-game strategy” of a movement near collapse. But recent attacks indicate otherwise.

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by JohnThomas Didymus


 - According to a new analysis of 2011 UK census, one in 10 people under 25 are Muslim, Christianity is declining 50 percent faster than previously thought and in 10 years Islam may become the dominant religion with only a minority identifying as Christian.

The analysis of the 2011 UK census by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that earlier analysis which showed only a 15 percent decline in Christianity was bolstered about 1.2 million foreign-born Christians such as Polish Catholics and Nigerian evangelicals. That is, foreign-born Christian immigrants masked the extent of decline of Christianity among the British-born population.

The Telegraph reports that the latest analysis showed that there were 5.3 million fewer British-born people professing Christianity, a decline of 15 per cent in a decade, and about 6.4 million increase in people describing themselves as having no faith.

In the same period, the number of of people professing Islam in England and Wales rose sharply by 75 percent. This massive surge was caused by about 600,000 foreign-born or immigrant Muslims.

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YOLA, Nigeria – 

Authorities in northeast  Nigeria say at least 11 people were killed in a gun and machete attack carried  out by radical Islamic extremists in a northeast Nigeria village.

Adamawa state police spokesman Mohammed Ibrahim said the attacker hit the  village of Midlu early Saturday morning, targeting the house of the state’s  deputy governor during their assault.

Ibrahim said victims had their throats slit. Villagers living there said the  attackers called out some of their victims by name, suggesting that the  assailants had particular people they wanted dead.

No arrests were immediately made in the attack, which comes as northern  Nigeria faces near-daily attacks by Islamic extremists. The main extremist  network there, known as Boko Haram, has been launching attacks since 2010,  despite an increased deployment of soldiers and police there.


A furious mob has desecrated dozens of Commonwealth War Graves in a Libyan cemetery amid continuing fury in the Middle East over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers.

Headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen, killed during World War II campaigns in the Western Desert, lay smashed and strewn across Benghazi Military Cemetery.

Protesters rampaged through site on Friday, despite efforts by America to calm tensions sparked when it emerged U.S. soldiers had burned Muslim holy books in a pile of rubbish at a military base in Afghanistan.


Desecrated: The headstones commemorating the deaths of allied servicemen, who fought in the Western Desert campaigns between 1942 to 1943, lay smashed on the ground

Sacrifice: Some 1,214 graves are marked in Benghazi War Cemetery

Sacrifice: Some 1,214 graves are marked in Benghazi War Cemetery

President Obama has apologised to President Karzai for the unintentional burning of the Korans at NATO’s main Bagram air base after Afghan labourers found charred copies while collecting rubbish.

White House spokesman Jay Carney sought to counter criticism, telling reporters on board Air Force One: ‘It is wholly appropriate, given the sensitivities to this issue, the understandable sensitivities.’

But it appears to have had little affect on sentiment among many in the Middle East.


Twelve people died today during the bloodiest day yet of protests over the incident.

Immediately after news broke of the incident, more than 2,000 furious Afghans – some chanting ‘die, die foreigners’, other throwing rocks – gathered outside the giant US air base at Bagram, 40 miles north of the capital Kabul, as reports of the burning spread.

Military sources said that books were removed from the library of a nearby detention center because they contained extremist messages.

Prisoners had been writing in the books as way of communicating.

Smashed: The mob rampaged through the grave yard after President Barack Obama apologised for U.S. soldiers burning the Koran

Smashed: The mob rampaged through the grave yard after President Barack Obama apologised for U.S. soldiers burning the Koran

Shattered: A gravestone in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya, bears the scars of the rampaged by Muslims furious over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

Shattered: A gravestone in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya, bears the scars of the rampaged by Muslims furious over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

The calm before battle: Field Marshal Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery, right, enjoys a brew with troops just 24 hours before the El Alamein during the Western Desert Campaign in north Africa in 1942

The calm before battle: Field Marshal Bernard ‘Monty’ Montgomery, right, enjoys a brew with troops just 24 hours before the El Alamein during the Western Desert Campaign in north Africa in 1942

There were immediate fears the Taliban and other insurgent groups would try to exploit the claims, using it as a rallying call against US, British and fellow Coalition forces.

The protests come as the FBI announced it has removed hundreds of pages of training documents that painted inaccurate or stereotypical views of Islam.

The counter-terrorism training materials referred to the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, as a cult leader and included graphs that implied devout Muslims got more violent throughout history, while Jews and Christians became less violent.

Burned: Protesters show copies of the burnt Korans

Burned: Protesters show copies of the burnt Korans


Anger: Afghan youth throw stones toward at soldiers shouting 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar'

Anger: Afghan youth throw stones toward at soldiers shouting ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar’


Plumes: Thick black smoke provides cover for a group of young stone-throwing demonstrators

Plumes: Thick black smoke provides cover for a group of young stone-throwing demonstrators


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photo2.JPGA young woman suffered horrific facial burns  after a woman wearing a Muslim veil threw acid in her face.

Naomi Oni, 20, was walking home after  finishing work at lingerie shop Victoria’s Secret when the woman,  wearing a  niqab – which reveals only the eyes – appeared and launched  the apparently  random attack.

It is not known whether the attack was  motivated by the victim’s work for the store.

Initially, doctors feared the shop  assistant  had been blinded. But after a month’s treatment in a  specialist burns unit,  Miss Oni has recovered sight in her left eye and  partial vision in her  right.

Miss Oni has only recently been discharged  from hospital but has decided to speak out to help police catch her  attacker.

She said: ‘I look in the mirror and it just  isn’t me. I’ll never look the same again.



Untitled-1a.jpgI’ve always been outgoing and confident – used to getting attention for the way I dress or my hair – but now I don’t want  anyone looking at me.

‘I don’t want people to see me in public. I  don’t want to get the Tube or the bus. If I have to go to the hospital I take a  taxi.

‘I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back  to my job.

‘I was planning to go to college in September  to study media and fashion, but I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do that.’

On December 30, Miss Oni took the bus home to  Dagenham, East London after finishing a late shift at Victoria’s Secret in the  Westfield shopping centre in nearby Stratford.

It was around 12.40am, and she was just five  minutes from the council flat she shares with her disabled mother, when she saw  the woman and felt a ‘splash’ on her face. She said: ‘It burned and I screamed  out.


Acid Attack - Naomi Oni 3

‘I started running and screaming, holding my  face, all the way home. I didn’t look back. I was hysterical. Luckily my  godmother, who is a pharmacist, was at home with my mum and she helped me and  kept dipping my face in water and trying to calm me down until the police and  ambulance got there.’

Miss Oni has no idea why anyone would attack  her.

She faces months, if not years, of skin  grafts and further plastic surgery and even then is likely to be left with  severe facial scarring.

Miss Oni is the sole carer for her  52-year-old mother. They are too afraid to go back to their flat and are  currently sleeping on a friend’s sofa-bed.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said acid attacks  were ‘extremely rare’ and that detectives were keeping an ‘open  mind’.

Anyone with  information should contact police on 0203 276 1058 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555  111.

Hidden: Police have not managed to identify who attacked  Ms Oni because they were wearing a niqab (file picture)





Devastating: Ms Oni had just finished a shift at Westfield Stratford shopping centre and was minutes from homeDevastating: Ms Oni had just finished a shift at  Westfield Stratford shopping centre and was just minutes from home when the  attack occurred



Qur'an 1

The principal of a Catholic primary school in the east of France received a torrent of abusive phone calls, letters and emails, all because one of her teachers gave a history lesson on Islam.


France:  Christelle Lainet, the principal of the Notre Dame primary school in Saint-Mihiel, a town in the north-east of France, was bombarded with threats after reports of the lesson were placed on an anti-Islam website.The site also published the school’s address and phone number, and Lainet’s email address.

“My mailbox has been inundated with 300 letters, and the school telephone hasn’t stopped ringing,” the headteacher told Europe 1 radio.

“I’ve been the target of some very violent and insulting mail,” said the principal, who said she felt “frightened.”

The hate-mail was in response to a lesson given last December when a teacher distributed hand-outs on the origins and history of Islam. One of the pages contained a ‘surah’ (verse) from the Islamic holy book the Koran, “by way of illustration”, regional daily La Républicain Lorrain reported.

Some parents were offended, however, and registered their unhappiness with Lainet. On January 9th, one child’s mother, who held “extremely racist views” had a heated exchange with the principal in the school yard.

  Two days later, the same student’s father asked that his child be allowed to leave the history class without punishment, a request that Lainet agreed to.

  On January 29th, however, the French website ‘Islamisme’ – which describes its goal as “to defend our freedom of expression and our values” – published a damning account of the history lesson, accusing the school of “poisoning” the children with “Muslim propaganda.”

A more specific claim made by the extremist site was that the student who was excused from the history class, was subsequently sent to the principal’s office to be punished.

  The outraged headteacher, who apparently has the support of most parents at the school as well as the governors, responded this week by filing a complaint of defamation against the website.

  For its part, the ‘Islamisme’ website responded to the French media outcry by stipulating “we called for a reaction, not intimidation,” and has denounced Lainet’s defamation complaint as “futile.”


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Allah Keeps His Promises: Jerusalem Belongs to Israel

Jerusalem, Israel 2 (edited)


By  Ali Salim

Jerusalem is the capital of the Children of Israel, now called the Jews; and it is forbidden for Muslims to demand it, just as a married woman belongs only to her husband. Is it possible that Allah, who on His infinite mercy, calls them the Chosen People, and promises them the Holy Land, also plans to murder them, using the Muslims in Palestine as His intermediary? Every Muslim knows that Allah does not break His promises.

If you listen in Arabic to the hate-speeches made by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; or to Turkish President Erdogan; or to the calls made from Qatar by Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and from the Gaza Strip by the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal for the killing of the Jews, you will understand why Arabs and Muslims believe Allah is punishing them by having them kill each other: It is because His prophecies are not being fulfilled.


For example, it is heresy and a violation of the will of Allah to sidestep calls for recognizing Jerusalem as official capital of the Children of Israel, and moving the American embassy there. It ignores the prophecy of the Noble Qur’an, which predicts the return of the Children of Israel to their land from the four corners of the earth, as it is written in Al-Isra, Verse 104, “And we said to the Children of Israel after him, “Dwell in the land, then, when the final and the last promise comes near, we shall bring you altogether as a mixed crowd.”

Although the stance adopted by the leaders of the Western world in general, and the American administration in particular, may be the consequence of their desire to strengthen their image in the eyes of the Muslim countries, their image is seen only as reflecting their weakness and attempts to ingratiate themselves with both radical Islam and Christian anti-Semitism.

It is not my intention to state that the other monotheistic religions do not also have their place in the holy city of Jerusalem. But political lies come mostly from radical Islamist sources, then somehow become accepted facts. This violates the prophecies of the messengers of Allah, and especially those of the greatest of His prophets, Muhammad (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

The various distortions of history and religion by politically-oriented Islamic sheiks and leaders for the sake of false, infidel, political goals, are legion. The way the Salafist Islamic sheiks and members of the Muslim Brotherhood twist the Noble Qur’an to suit their narrow political goals makes me angry, as it also makes angry the millions of Muslims around the world who know the eternal truth written in Islam’s Noble Qur’an.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, for example, invented the fabrication that Palestinians are the descendants of the Jebusites and other Canaanite tribes of the land of the at the time of the Book. Behind this fabrication was Arafat’s attempt to “prove” that the Palestinians lived in the Holy Land before the Children of Israel, and that therefore they have a greater right to it.

According to the Qur’an, however, “a race of giants” lived in the Holy Land but were destroyed by the Children of Israel, led by Joshua with the help of Allah the Almighty. There were never “Palestinians” in the Holy Land, nor is there one word of them in the Noble Qur’an, nor any prophecy regarding their existence, nor any right to the Holy Land or any other place in the future or on Day of Judgment in the Noble Book of Allah.

Jerusalem Soldiers at Wall

The Palestinians are not mentioned or even hinted at in the Noble Qur’an, but the Children of Israel are mentioned countless times and they are mentioned as the Chosen People, as it is written in Al-Baqara, Verse 47, “O Children of Israel, remember My favor that I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds.” They are mentioned as inheritors of the Holy Land which, according to all the Islamic commentators, is Jerusalem and the country around it. The Muslim claim that the Divine promise to the Children of Israel appears in the Noble Qur’an in the past tense and therefore is not relevant today is a malicious lie. Everyone knows that most of the Noble Qur’an was written in the past tense, but what was written about the Children of Israel was a promise and a prophecy, and Allah does not change His mind or break His promises.

Anyone who claims that what is written about the Jews is only relevant for the past and that the Children of Israel disappeared turns our beloved Prophet from prophet to mere historian who did not know what the future would bring. Anyone who claims that the “real” Children of Israel disappeared and that the Jews of today are not the genuine Children of Israel of the Noble Qur’an is a liar and a deceiver, because if there are no Children of Israel then the prophecy of Muhammad, (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him) (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), is irrelevant and he did not foresee the return of the Children of Israel to their land for the third time and instruct them to settle it, and promise that if they did what was right in the eyes of Allah and acted well they would succeed, as it is written in Al-Isra, Verses 6 and 7, “We gave you back the power against them, and aided you with wealth and children, and made you larger in numbers. Now, if you do well, you will do well for your own souls; and if you do evil, it will only go against them….”


And if one prophecy is false then all are false, and the Noble Qur’an has no value. Thus we have to admit that regardless of the mistakes the Jews make concerning our Palestinian brothers, they in fact act well, even to the Arabs in Israel, and they are charitable according to the tradition of Islam, and they are clearly more honest than the Arab and Muslim leaders today who oppress their own people and daily slaughter them and shed their blood.

To the eternal credit of Islam it must be said that in the seventh century the armies of Islam invaded Palestine and wrested it from the Byzantines, and that Jerusalem was turned over without a battle to the Muslims by the Christian Bishop Sophronius. This was the beginning of the Arab presence in the Holy Land, which ended and was renewed for years under various conquests, including the Crusaders, but ended for good nearly a century ago, when the Turks went back home. The Holy Land was then given back into the hands of the Children of Israel, according to the decree of the Noble Qur’an and the prophecy of Muhammad, (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).


The Children of Israel came from all the corners of the earth, as it is written in Al-A’raf, Verse 137, “And we caused the people who had been oppressed to inherit the eastern regions of the land and western ones, which We had blessed. And the good word of your Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel because of what they had patiently endured.”

The Palestinian claim that the Prophet Jesus was a Palestinian Arab is also a fabrication, unfortunately characteristic of Palestinian leaders who invent them and invest enormous sums of money to buy weapons, kill the Children of Israel, carry out terrorist attacks and launch Qassam rockets at civilians instead of rehabilitating the Palestinian refugees, their brothers, who, as a result of the establishment of Israel, actually returned to the bosom of the Islamic nation.

The more the Palestinians repeat the infamy that Jesus was a Palestinian Arab, the more likely it is that the Christians themselves will believe it, especially those who, by ignoring and denying the rights of the Children of Israel to Jerusalem, reveal their own baseness and lack of respect for their own religion, based on Judaism and begun in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem. According to such an absurdity, the Jewish prophet Jesus, son of Mary, who opposed the corrupt Jewish priests in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, was a “Palestinian Arab; ” but it is just another way of denying the Jews the right to their land. Christians who ignore the Jewish right to Jerusalem are also denying their own religion.

From a religious point of view, the connection between Muslims and Jerusalem began with the “Night Journey,” a dream that appears in the Noble Qur’an and was also reported by the Prophet’s beloved child-wife, Aisha. According to the dream, Muhammad (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), went on a night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem riding on a marvelous animal named Al-Buraq, and from Jerusalem to heaven, where he received the principles of Islam. Jerusalem was then temporarily designated as the “Kibla,” the first direction for Muslims to face during prayers; but Muhammad (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) changed the direction to Mecca. Since that time Jerusalem has been considered as only the third most sacred place for Islam.

Temple of Jerusalem

It is saddening to think that we deny the Jews, the modern-day Children of Israel, their identity, despite the fact that we know that they preserved their faith for thousands of years in the face of torture, rape, persecution, burning and genocide, all crimes committed against them because they were Jews and were determined to remain Jews. We, however, the faithful of Islam, accept into our ranks every criminal and murderer who converts, in or out of prison, who only has to say, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet;” all it takes is five minutes. This new Muslim is considered a good Muslim, but a Jew who has adhered to the history and faith of his Jewish ancestors, the faith kept for thousands of years, is not in our eyes a genuine Jew, a Child of Israel. How long will we deny the Islamic faith and the prophecies of our Prophet Muhammad, (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him) (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)?

Unfortunately, even those among us who do believe that the Jews in Israel are genuine Children of Israel, the ones Muhammad (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), referred to in his noble Surahs, the ones who have inherited the Holy Land promised to them by the Noble Qur’an, conduct themselves despicably. They adopt the counterfeit, apocalyptic, false sayings which do not appear in the Noble Qur’an and are falsely attributed to the Prophet of Allah. They adopt as genuine traditions those which are lies, and, contradicting the promises made by Allah in the Noble Qur’an, falsely prophesy the destruction of the Jews by the Muslims in Palestine.

These commentators, inspired by Satan, refer to the Jews as “Zionists,” as though changing their name makes it permissible to kill the People of the Book and violate the words of Allah and His prophets. Is it possible that Allah, who in His infinite mercy calls them the Chosen People, and promised them the Holy Land, also plans to murder them using the Muslims in Palestine as His intermediary? Every Muslim knows that Allah does not break His promises. Therefore, his promise to the Children of Israel is both relevant and eternal. The Jews, weak and miserable, who came from all over the globe, victims of hatred and murder would not found their state in Palestine unless it were the will of Allah, who supports them.

Jerusalem is the capital of the Children of Israel and it is forbidden for Muslims to demand it, just as a married woman belongs only to her husband. Jerusalem is never mentioned by name in the Noble Qur’an, but it is mentioned there as the heart of the Holy Land given in perpetuity to the Jews. It therefore has to be capital of the Children of Israel in the Land of Israel and not of the planned state of “Palestine.”

If, as Muslims, we look into our hearts, we have to admit that a state called Palestine never existed but we need to help it come into being, with the help of Allah, next to Israel. Since there never was a state called “Palestine” or a Palestinian people, Jerusalem was never their capital or the capital of any people or country except for the current State of Israel. Therefore the Palestinians cannot demand Jerusalem as its capital, but they can demand the right for all Muslims to pray at Al-Aqsa mosque. Actually, the Jews allow freedom of worship to all the religions in Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa mosque is under the management of the king of Jordan, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

In addition, nowhere in the world have Muslims turned a city holy to Islam into a capital. Neither Mecca nor Madinah is the capital of Saudi Arabia and Karbala and Qom are not the capitals of Iraq and Iran. Even Jordan, whose capital is Amman, did not turn Jerusalem into its capital when it controlled the city between 1948 and 1967.

Instead of the monotheistic religions’ helping the Jews to construct Jerusalem in preparation for Judgment Day and as proof of the truth of the prophecies in the Noble Qur’an, the infidels protest construction of new housing. If the Muslims used the return of the Children of the Book to Israel as proof of the truth of the prophecy of the Noble Qur’an, they would succeed in fulfilling the mission of Muhammad, the prophet of the entire world (Peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him: sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) to Islamize the world. Whoever goes against the will of Allah will fail.

The Christians as well suffer from the historical lie and from the denial of the rights of the Jews to Jerusalem. What is happening in the Middle East and the mutual bloodletting of the Muslims is not a consequence of the “problem of Palestine.” It is a manifestation of Allah’s anger at the infidels of the world who do not accept His prophecy regarding the return of the Jews to their land and establishing their capital in the united holy city of Jerusalem.



Turkish Embassy 1

ANKARA, Turkey –  A police official says a  suicide bomber has detonated an explosive device at the entrance of the U.S.  Embassy in the Turkish capital and at least two people are dead.

An Associated Press journalist on Friday saw a body in the street in front of  an embassy side entrance. The bomb appeared to have exploded inside the security  checkpoint at the entrance of the embassy.

Turkish Embassy 2

Private NTV television said two security guards at the entrance were  killed.

The police official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government  rules. The phones were not being answered at the embassy.



The Shepherd and the Herd of Sheeple

Sheep going off cliff


By, Schuyler Montague

Benjamin Franklin stated it best when he said: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

What beautiful words of wisdom, that apply today in America, as much if not more so, than the day he was first quoted.  With the proposal of each new bill and the passing of each new law today, we find ourselves deeper and deeper in debt.  Not just in the financial sense, but equally if not more importantly, in our deficit of freedom.

Government today is completely and totally reactionary and utilizes each and every opportunity to grab another handful of our rights, liberties and freedoms.  These are all rights that we will never see again.  Each liberty that we allow to be taken away today will be just one more freedom that children born tomorrow will never know.

No right nor freedom has ever been provided or given by any government.  All of our liberties were endowed to us by our Creator at birth.  Governments only possess the ability to limit, restrict or completely absolve us of our God-given rights.  The freedoms that we enjoy today and the rights we allow to slip away were preserved, protected and passed down by the bloodshed of our ancestors.  Our brave and courageous grandfathers shed their blood in valleys, on hillsides and from sea to shining sea, just to ensure our rights were secure for us today.

Our government instills the fear factor and any other tool at their disposal to bring the citizens into submission.  They utilize conditioning and desensitizing techniques to slowly lure us down the path to servitude.  We cannot turn on the news today without being subjected to around the  clock shootings that are updated every hour on the hour.  This is just a method of saturation used to bring all of the sheeple into lock-step and march them off the cliff to serfdom.  All that is truly necessary for the government  to succeed is for the people to remain silent or give in to their demands.  We could more than likely make it another thousand years without the creation of one more new law.  What we really need is simply for the government to enforce the laws that are already on the books, not create new ones.  All we truly need is to be proactive as a society.

We place armed guards everywhere in our society today where something of value to us is possessed.  We have armed guards in our banks to protect our money.  We have armed guards at our Smithsonian Museum to protect the artwork.  We have armed guards at our military installations to protect our equipment.  We have armed guards at the CIA and NSA to protect our secrets.  We have armed guards at the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox to protect our gold reserves.  So, here is my question:  Which of the above is more valuable to us than our children?  Absolutely none of them.  Then, why not immediately place armed guards in our schools?  We do not need new laws to place restrictions on gun owners but rather, what we need is common sense.

Just think of the jobs that would be created if we placed at least two well-trained, certified armed guards in all of our childrens’s schools over the next 30 days.  But more importantly, think of the security and piece of mind that our children and parents would benefit and not at the cost of even one of our constitutional rights.


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